2018 Baja 1000

We didn’t think we were going to be able to the race the 2018 Baja 1000 since we were fortunate enough to race it last year, but when the boys from 3P Off Road called and asked us to join them we sure didn’t say no! Who doesn’t want to race the Baja 1000? So, we loaded up the chase truck and the chase RZR and headed across the border. 

We arrived just in time for tech and contingency. What a great time we had there! Hanging out with our race family is one of our favorite things to do.



The 1877 Polaris breezed through tech and we headed for tacos and last minute prep on the car before bed. It was almost race day!


Race day came early and we packed our trucks full with snacks, sandwiches and spare parts. Some of the crew headed to the start line while the rest of us headed down the peninsula to wait for the car to reach that side and over to Ojos to catch the car on the other side.

We reached our spot in time to see some of the big cars and trucks go by and all the side x sides including ours. The car looked great and raced on while we headed to the next road crossing. We chased the car across the desert catching them at every road crossing we could just to ensure they were all good. At race mile 150, Travis Herzing and I would take over driver and co driver duties through the San Felipe whoops down past Porticeto.

We have raced this section of track before and knew we were in for a rough ride! There were 130 miles of whoops, super soft sand and more whoops! We battled a couple of BC cars and a few trucks through the dust. As we were bouncing over the whoops the transmission popped out of gear a few times. We came to the spot where I would get out and Philip would get in and the crew found a major problem with the transmission. We had a spare so they went to work and changed it out. At that time I had put an hour on the 2nd place car behind us but we were losing that quickly as the work was being done.

Philip and Travis took off to try and make up time. We stayed back to ensure the car made it down to the other side of the peninsula where Josh, Parker, Zach, Joe, Kenny and Mike would chase them back up to Ensenada. We sent Russell and Ryan in the chase RZR to follow the race car for about a 100 miles where we knew the roads had recently been washed out.

A  few driver changes, a few broken clutches and flat tire later the boys were heading back to us at Ojos just 30 miles to the finish when disaster struck! Thanks to Racingtrax, we found out that they had broken a radius rod and then a shock. The chase RZR had a shock and we had a radius rod, so we left from opposite sides and met Josh and Zach out on the track to make repairs. As we were getting them up and running the 2nd place car went by! We finished up and sent them on their way to the finish line! We all headed back to Ensenada to meet them and celebrate our 3rd place finish. It was hard fought and well deserved!

We can’t thank 3P Off Road enough for inviting us to be part of this great race!

2018 Vegas to Reno the Long Way

After blowing a head gasket in the Baja 500, we spent the rest of the summer making sure our Polaris RZR was back in shape to take on the longest race in America. New motor, freshly rebuilt transmission, fresh axles and a new set of ITP Coyote Tires with TireBalls inside on Raceline Wheels was just the start. A little fabrication was needed after we nearly broke the front of the car off and the radiator mount was also broken. Those repairs were made and new dash was installed. We were  ready! So we thought…

As usual, we were running behind on tech day. We arrived at tech just as all the vendors were packing up and registration was about to close. Trevor teched the car of us and I and the co drivers went inside to register. Eric and our friends from Just Money Motorsports left Havasu and went straight to the start line to get a camping spot. We finished up quickly in town and headed out to Beatty, Nevada for the start line. With nothing to really be done on the race car, we relaxed, packed pit boxes and the chase truck and enjoyed home made tacos from Joe.

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Race day came and we were ready! We lined up at about 10AM Boy, was it hot! We sat in staging for approximately an hour and then, it was GO time!

We started 31st in the Pro Turbo class. There we some pretty fast guys behind us so we knew we had to get some time in after the start. We got the green flag and headed out!

Just about 3 miles into the race, we started overheating. It was the exact same place the car began to over heat last year. I called Eric and informed him of the issue and that we would be making an unplanned stop in pit 1. He agreed and went as fast as my hot RZR would allow us to go. Pit 1 was approximately 50 miles up the way. We actually passed a few cars on the way, saw a ton of wrecked cars  and pulled into the pit hoping for a simple solution so we could go make up some time. The crew cracked the bolt and bled the head. And we headed back out. The car was slightly cooler, but not much when we were headed up a grade or in the silt. We also noticed that our clutch was not acting like it should. Again we radioed in and let the crew know our problems. We were asked to skip pit 2 and head for 3. So we pushed on. Only able to go about 60mph max or less in the silt. There was a LOT of silt! We received a pass alert and found a safe spot to slow down and move over and just as we thought the 7250 truck was going by, BAM! He hit us and spun the car around. I just knew there would be a ton of damage because it was a heavy truck. We pulled forward, everything felt tight. My co driver, John got out to check everything out and the truck also pulled over and the co driver got out and apologized to me and wanted to make sure we were ok. Thanks guys! That was great sportsmanship! We got back on the track and headed to pit 3 to meet up with the crew hoping for a fix. In the mean time, Eric had been on the phone with our tuner, Mark Queen about the clutch and he put him together Adam from Airdam who just happened to be a few pits ahead. He agreed to meet Eric half way between where he was and where the crew was. He used his own parts and our back up clutch and made a clutch that assured Eric would be a definite improvement. I really can’t thank him enough for going out of his way for us. He isn’t our usual clutch guy and he really did not have to help us but he did and we appreciate him so much!


We rolled into pit 3 and the crew went to work, changing out the clutch and fixing the passenger rear hub that was bent when the truck hit us. At one point during the pit stop, all of us individually thought ” I wonder if we should splash some fuel”.  Not one of us voiced it out loud and we took off out the pit thinking that there should be plenty of fuel. We weren’t planning on stopping for fuel until pit 6. About 3 miles out of Pit 3, the car turned off. Thinking it was something electrical, John began taking the top off the fuel cell to check the pumps. As he reached inside, he looked up at me and pulled his hand out. His hand was dry. There was not a drop of fuel in the car! Apparently, the dragging clutch and deep silt and overheating had used a bunch of fuel! As soon as we called in out issue, I saw Chase 1 pull over off the highway. They were about a mile away from us. So, I started waking to get some fuel while John put the car back together. We got enough fuel to make it to the next pit and off we went again. The car was running great, the clutching change was amazing! Thanks again Adam! We pulled into the pit, the boys began to fuel the car and then Eric came over and asked me to turn off the motor.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “I hear something” he said. We all got out and listened. Then we called Mark Queen on the phone and had him listen. Not ideal, we know. But there was definitely a noise coming from the motor. We pulled the clutches to ensure it wasn’t clutch noise we were hearing, but it wasn’t. We all gathered together and talked it over. It was a unanimous decision to put the car on the trailer. Eric didn’t want us out in the middle of no where with a blown motor. If we stopped now, we could fix the motor with not a lot of expense. If we blew the motor, whole other story. So, dejected, we put her on the trailer, loaded up and headed home. We had a ton of fun while it lasted! Thank you to my crew who gave it all they had! Joe took the race car with Kristin and Emily in her truck and headed back to the start line. Kristin agreed to put the RZR in her toy box and take her home as Joe was heading back to Kingman.

Eric, Trevor, Jason, Travis, Joeylin, Sidney, Mike and I headed to the remote pit to catch our team mates and friends, 3P Offroad and make sure they made it to the finish line as they were having a few issues themselves. We made it out to Pit 12. It was pretty deserted by that time. We all hung out and ate the rest of our snacks and then climbed back in the trucks to have a nap before they arrived. We got radio contact at about 4 am. They were coming in. On the tracker there a bunch of other cars heading our way also. One of them was Ashley Burton and Drew Schultz. We pitted the Texas boys and sent them on their way. We noticed a car just sitting out there a few miles away and could see on the tracker that it was Ashley. We decided to wait to see if we could help her. We missed her coming through but she stopped and the lights went out just outside the pit. We contacted the pit boss who gave us permission to help them the same as if they were in the pits. They were having overheating issues as well as a charging problem. They had just gone about 15 miles on a lithium starter battery! We gave them our spare Odyssey battery, a spare lithium battery and the cables off of our battery charger. Wished them the best and sent them on their way. We then headed towards home. We kept the tracker on and kept up with her and our Texas boys. 3P Offroad finished with no time to spare! They were the last official finishers! We are so proud of them for sticking it out! We saw that Ashley was still at about RM 475 and not moving. She wasn’t able to finish. She and Drew did an awesome job of trying! It isn’t easy doing what we do and even worse when you’re battling issues over the course of well over 24 hours.

Best in the Desert

The last official finisher of this years General Tire Vegas to Reno by Fox is the team of Josh Herzing and Phillip Luce. Despite battling mechanical problems throughout the day the UTV racers from Texas soldiered on to get it across the line. Congratulations to all our finishers! #bestinthedesert #bitd#vegastoreno #vtor #generaltire #fox #booyah

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Until next time racing friends! We can’t thank you enough for your support!

2018 50th Anniversary of The Mint 400

Having had a few small issues at the Parker 250, we were pumped to show everyone we were ready to take on our favorite race of the year! We waited until the last minute to tune the car as usual, and ended up tuning way into the night on Wednesday. Missing the parade and afraid we may miss tech on Thursday! Mark Queen of Queen Racing took great care and a lot of time for us and got us where we needed to be. We ended up getting to Vegas on Thursday about 3pm. With the help of the 3P Offroad boys, Trevor had the car in line for tech as soon as we arrived. 

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Eric and I hit registration and headed down Fremont St to catch up with Trevor and the car. As we went we ran into all our race friends and many of our sponsors. We also picked up our very own Miss DragonFire, Emily Dobrzenski. We kept walking trying to catch up to Trevor, but never quite got there. Before we knew it, it was 6pm and Miss DragonFire and I had a date with Rugged Radios for the meet and greet with our fans. Eric kept on moving and was able to get to the car just as it was being teched.

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Emily and I moved from the meet and greet to Polaris RZR Party and had a great time with all our fellow Polaris RZR racers!

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Meanwhile the boys put the race car away and set up camp at the RV park. We met up with them in time for dinner and headed off to bed. Tomorrow was a free day for us. Last minute checks with the car and we headed out to the start line of the race to set up camp there.

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Before we knew it, it was time to rest. Race day was coming fast! We woke up Bright and early on Saturday morning. Race day jitters were getting the best of me as cameras were loaded and Anthony and I climbed in the car. The rest of the crew headed out to Pits A&B and Trevor and John followed us to the start line. As luck would have it, the transmission selector switch came off and wouldn’t allow us to shift into high gear. Of course it happens as we were moving to the start line. Trevor and John ran over and believed they had it. But, as the green light came on, I knew they did not. Not only did I not get the hole shot I was hoping for, we couldn’t get over 45MPH. We wound around the short course section until we found a good place to pull off. Anthony jumped out and made quick work of getting back together. We only lost 2 spots and roared off into the desert.



We soon discovered that our shocks were way too soft and we were dragging the rear of the car. Trying my best not to do damage to the car and still keep a decent pace, we radioed in to let them know our situation. We made it to Pit A and Joe and his crew tried to make some adjustments to our shocks. We continued on to Pit B and stopped for a quick look over. Off we went to the Main pit, hoping Eric could do something with the shocks. To our surprise, our shock tuner Justin, just happened to be in the pit next to us and came over to help! I was ecstatic to see him! He made some big adjustments, the crew changed a flat that I didn’t know I had, and we went back out ready to make up some time! The shocks were amazingly better and we made up some serious time!


The Fox proving grounds had nothing on us! As we rounded the corner into Pit A I started to hear a clunking noise, so we pulled in to have them take a look. Turns out the passenger tie rod was broken in half. How we made it to the Pit is a miracle! Mike, Travis and Zack made quick work of the change out and we were off yet again.

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The car was working flawlessly. We were passing cars and saw a tremendous amount of carnage as we flew by. We saw 90.5MPH on the dry lake bed. This Polaris RZR was nothing short of flying across the desert!


Still trying to make up some time on the last lap and trying to get through Pit B before the Trick Trucks came was making us anxious. Just as we left Pit A the crew radioed in and told us they had just been released. We were trying to calculate how much time we had to make it to Pit B and then they stopped us at a road crossing. We were being detoured to Pit B and then heading into main. Cutting approximately 50 miles off the race course. Relieved that we didn’t have deal with Trick Trucks, but wondering how that would affect our outcome. We crossed the finish line with big smiles on our faces. I knew I had driven harder than I had in a long time. The crew did a fantastic job of keeping us in the hunt and though they scored our race as over when they sent us through the detour, we know in our hearts we did good! The race car is solid, and I think I may have my confidence back! See you all at the World Championship! Thanks to all our great sponsors that make great finishes happen!

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It’s the end of the season…

It’s the end of the 2017 desert racing season. This year was full of trials and tribulations for us. It began with a new turbo platform. We were so fast with our NA car winning a championship and then following that up with a 2nd in points. No one beat us off the line in that car! So, we were super excited to be even faster in the new turbo RZR. The build process was easy for the boys and it made it’s debut at the Mint 400. We began having problems on the 2nd lap and ended up with a DNF. Our first in 2 seasons of racing. It was heart breaking, but this team does not give up. Thinking we had it figured out we went to the UTV World Championship with high hopes. Those hopes were soon to be dashed. As soon as I passed Robby Gordon in the Speed Artic Cat, it went into limp mode. And, continued to do so the entire race. I did get a spectacular jump photo on the 1st lap! We finished but we finished with broken hearts yet again. With 3 months to figure it out, we were sure we had it! We went to V2R thinking, this is the one! Shortly after the start, limp mode….. The boys spent a couple hours making repairs and that seemed to fix the limp mode problem. While I was sitting in the pits, I received an ice cold gatoraid from Travis Pastrana, who was having similar problems with the Starcar. Trevor and Travis had a conversation about him being passed by a girl! We put our relief driver, Mark Queen in the car with hopes of making up some time, but the race gods had other plans for us. About midnight and approximately race mile 300, the crew replaced the transmission. We carried on, just wanting a finish at this point. But, it was not meant to be. We found our car at race mile 450 with bad injectors and timed out. Another heart breaking DNF for us. We headed home with our heads hung down. The car came apart and the injectors sent off to be analysed. We were going to have to dig deeper to find what the root of our problems were. Our plans were to skip the next 2 BITD races, since there were no longer hopes of a championship, and save our funds to race the 50th Anniversary Baja 1000.  A friend of ours asked if they paid the entry fee, would we race the Silver State race in September. It was a short 150 mile race and we decided it would be a good shake down, so, off we went to northern Nevada. The first race of the season, I had my first ever motion sickness in the race car. There after I took medicine for it every race. This was a short one, so I thought I wouldn’t need it. Well, I was wrong. For the first time this season, the car ran flawlessly. I, however, forgot about the winding mountain roads of Silver State! I once again became motion sick. Pulling over several times to vomit. But, Barb and I had a great time in the car with no pressure of points and such, and we finally finished a race with no issues! Next came planning for the big one! We had raced Baja with other teams, but this would be the first time with our own car and team. We were more than excited. We teamed up with 3p Off Road and with the help of our generous sponsors and our team chipping in, we managed to put together a great plan. We headed to Baja the Tuesday before the race to a beautiful beach house. Everyone settled in we were confident that with this team and our preparation we would finish this 1134 mile race and maybe finish well. Wednesday was tech day for us. We hung out with Raceline Wheels and had a great time with the team. Race day came and we headed off for the longest race ever for our car. We started off taking it easy finding our groove. At about mile 40 I came into a soft corner too hot and rolled the car over on it’s side. Luckily there were spectators near by that graciously came over and helped us up right the car. Everything was ok and we were off again. Our friends from 3p Off Road and Trevor met us at the many road crossings along the way to race mile 250 which would be our first pit. They made the first 250 miles go by super fast! We lost the alternator sometime during that first 250 miles, so at that first pit, the boys  removed it and replaced it with stock stater cover. From there on we had to play the number game with our fans, lights and fresh air blower. Turn this on, turn that one off and so on… The San Felipe whoops section were no joke. At one point we stopped at friends pit and asked for a once over. They assured us that the car was not breaking in half and we headed on into the next pit at race mile 350 where we handed the car over to the crew chief, Eric. He raced into the dark and would remain in the car until day break. No problems for him except for fog, silt and darkness! We pitted him at race mile 608 and found the front of the car needing to be rebuilt. It took us several hours to replace all the components on the front of the car and we sent the boys from 3p Off Road out into the desert. We made a couple other driver and co driver changes and few more front end part replacements but we made it 1134 miles, 43 hours and 18 minutes! Those finisher medals will forever be a winner medal to us! We finished up the season in Pahrump, Nevada. Wanting to give it all or nothing for the last race of the season, I set my mind on driving hard and fast! Well, Pahrump had other plans. The dust was terrible, the silt was deep and rocks everywhere! My pace slowed, my co driver was ill and I broke a radius rod end that ended our season with DNF 30 miles from the finish line!  Through all the trials and tribulations of the race season, we still had fun. We made new friends. We learned a lot. We couldn’t be happier with our Polariz RZR XPT. It definitely took a beating and just kept on going. We can’t thank all of sponsors enough for their generosity. A new season starts just days away!

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2017 50th Anniversary of the Score International Baja 1000

Preparation of the biggest race of our lives began months before the team headed to Mexico. Gathering parts, upgrading others, and logistics all being worked on to ensure we had the best chance possible to finish this 1134 mile race. The last few weeks were, of course, the most intense. Axles greased, Tire Balls placed in our new 32″ ITP Ultracross Rspec tires. Tires mounted on our new 15″ Raceline Rynos. All while the chassis was inspected, new fabrication done, more Bulldog lights installed and cleaning and painting done.

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Snacks and drinks were stocked up and we were getting close to heading for the boarder! A few last minute crew changes happened and a a couple that had no idea that they would ever get to participate in the Baja 1000 were added to our list. Monday came, and we were not quite ready to leave early as planned. We loaded each truck with parts, tools, food and drinks as Eric finished up some minor details on the race car. Finally we loaded ourselves into the trucks and headed south.

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As we neared the Tecate boarder, chase 3 began dumping antifreeze. Half the crew stayed behind to remove the old water pump, while the rest of headed into the nearest town to get a new part. Chase 3 finally repaired we crossed the boarder into Mexico! After a 40 minute drive from Tecate to Ensenada the first thing oneveryone’s mind was  TACOS!

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We checked into our beautiful beach house and settled down for the night. Tomorrow was tech day!

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This year SCORE divided tech into 2 days making tech day for us a breeze! We spent the day hanging out with our Raceline Wheels family, singing autographs for our fans and swapping stories with our fellow racers. As the day neared end, the race day gitters began.

23517588_1660801527305370_2889375905123990652_n (2).jpg



Pit boxes made and chase coolers stocked while Chase Texas was at the driver’s meeting.

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Last minute pit strategy and crew assignments were made and we drifted off to sleep with visions of the Baja desert dancing in our heads.

Race day came. My co-driver and I were both becoming anxious. The trucks were loaded up and the race car on the trailer, we headed into Ensenada to the start line!

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Ryan and I left the start line, weaved through town and headed out to the desert. True to my MO, around mile 40 I rolled the car in a corner. Not the plan at all!!! Luckily there was a man on horse ( haha) right next us. He called out and suddenly there were 6 other guys running over to help. They righted the car for us and we continued on our way with a bit of a bruised ego! While we were on our side the entire side x side field sped by, so we had some work to do to try to catch back up. The whoops were giant and silt was deep.  We worked hard passing numerous cars and trucks. Our San Felipe side pit crew met us several times at road crossings just to remind us that we were not alone. I saw the breasts  of Josh and Travis more than I had ever hoped to! I guess that was their way of telling us we were doing a good job! The noises the race car was making through the whoops was unsettling. A good racing friend, Bob Nolan, was a approximately  race mile 190. So, knowing he was there, we radioed him and asked for a once over on the car. He obliged and let us know that everything looked to be in order. It gave us some peace of mind as we carried on.  Our first pit was at mile 250. We noticed that our voltage was not as high as it should be considering we were running an alternator. We pulled into the pit and let the Texas Mafia and Trevor know our issues. They fueled the car and then took a look. The alternator was not spinning. Lucky for us Texas brought a donor RZR along and were able to take the alternator off and replace it with a stock stater cover. Meanwhile, Ryan and I made a sandwich…. The last 100 miles of our race consisted of the infamous San Felipe Whoops. It is the worst piece of desert I have raced on in my 9 years of racing! At the end I have never been so happy to see my crew! Race mile 345, Eric and Anthony climbed in the car and headed out. It was around midnight. We knew we wouldn’t see them til morning. I climbed in Chase 1 and tried to rest but hearing radio traffic and the crew talking about the race car, there was no chance of rest for me. I had to know the car was still moving. (insert Eric’s race report here) We headed to what the crew fondly refers to at the “wet pit”. It was so foggy it looked like it had rained and everything including us was dripping wet. This was a planned fuel stop for Eric, approximately race mile 550. We fueled the car, gave them dry rags to wipe their helmets and sent them off into the darkness. It was still a couple hours til daylight. At Race mile 606 we  brought them in to pit and a driver change. What we thought would be a quick stop turned into 5 hours of rebuilding the front end of the car. All  the upper unibals had pushed through the cups and the a arms were grinding on the spindles. We changed out a arms, spindles and unibals and made sure the car was back to race ready and sent the Texas Mafia on their way  to race mile 802. (insert Josh’s race report here). Since Eric and I had not had a rest during the first 606 miles, we pulled into a parking lot and proceeded to take a much needed nap. We sent Chase 2 and Chase 3 on ahead to get race fuel and get ready to pit the car at race mile 802. Chase 1 napped for approximately 2 hours and headed down the peninsula to meet the rest of the crew. We barely made it before the race car arrived! The crew was unable to get fuel so we made a driver change, Ryan and his wife Shauna climbed in and we gave them the fuel we had which would get them about a 100 miles where would make an unscheduled stop to refuel.  Approximately 50 miles in we heard on the radio the car died and wouldn’t start. My heart sank. Eric immediately went into detective mode and found out that a rear axle had popped out and cut the wire on the crank sensor. Ryan made quick work of splicing it back together and they were back on track! We tried to catch them at race mile 900 but missed them so we raced ahead and met them around race mile 930. We pulled Shauna out of the car in lieu of having a strong mechanic back in the car, since it seem the car was getting tired. We had to make it to the finish! We were almost there! We put Anthony back in the car with Ryan and sent them off into the second night of our race. Once again the fog was so heavy everything was soaked. We made sure they had dry rags. At this point Eric and Trevor were exhausted. We put them in the back seat of Chase 1 and I took over crew chief for the remainder of the race. The fog was miserable and we were driving slow. We certainly didn’t want to have one of our chase trucks in an accident. I was hoping that we could keep up with the race car. It was doubtful at times because we had to move so slowly. We met the race car at race mile 1050 for fuel and heard that they once again needed a unibal changed and that the throttle pedal was not acting normal. We worked as hard as we could in the cold wet night. At this point I was supposed to be getting back in the race car, but a team decision was made to keep Ryan and Anthony in the car just in case there were any serious issues. We were almost there! We sent them off and pulled out of the pit as the sun was rising once again. As soon as the sun peeked over the mountain, the mist was gone. We paced ourselves with the race car just in case there was an issue. I didn’t want to be too far ahead of them in case they needed us. At one point the tracker told us they were stopped. Again my heart sank! But, it happened to be a stop check! I couldn’t believe the tracker happened to catch them at that particular moment! We continued on and raced into La Paz to meet the car at the finish line. It was 43 hours and 18 minutes of blood, sweat, tears and laughs! We made it! We finished the Baja 1000! 1134 miles!!! It was an unbelievable accomplishment for us! I am so proud of my team for sticking it out and pushing through 2 cold wet nights, 2 hard, tired days and never complaining. Oh, and Eric and Trevor woke up just in time to see the car cross the finish line! I can’t thank you all enough for all the support. My friends, family and fans all texting and posting updates and words of encouragement. It really meant the world to us to know you were behind us pushing us to the finish. My sponsors are incredible! We definitely would not have finished without the support of all of you!

Eric, Josh and Ryan may have some race stories to add but until then:

Check out our video created by Emily Dobrzenski (Miss DragonFire) https://www.facebook.com/emily.dobrzenski/videos/1673163356069187/

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BITD Silver State 150 Race Report

As the September Best in the Desert race approached, the team debated whether or not we were going to make it. The repairs from our crash at Vegas 2 Reno had still not been made and that race being our 2nd DNF for the season left everyone a little dejected. 

2 weeks before the race, our friends at Batz Warehouse made us a proposal. They wanted to pay half the entry fee if we would put Barb in the car as co-driver. We agreed and work began on the 924 Polaris RZR.

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The repairs were made and thanks to BP Concepts, a new wrap was completed on the passenger side in record time! We were ready physically, but mentally we still had some doubts.

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Tech day came and we hit the road to Caliente, NV! The car and chase truck were on point! We arrived to sunny but cool weather. It was quite a change from the heat of Havasu. Tech went smoothly and thanks to our friends the Mitchells we set up camp in nice RV park in the grass. Last minute touches were done to the car and bundled up and headed to the driver’s meeting.

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The drivers meeting over we gassed up the chase truck and the race car and settled down for the night. We woke to freezing temperatures but a bright sunny day.

Barb and I climbed in and prepared for a chilly ride!


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They lined us up 4 at time and, because we did not preregister, we started in the very last row. My anxiety was climbing as row x row our fellow UTV racers sped off. It was finally our turn and with a dead engine start, my hands were shaking. The green flag dropped and we fired up the 924 and roared off. Not wanting to get taken out in the first corner we let a couple of the guys go and squeezed in as the 3rd car in our row led by Jake Carver. We would eventually see Jake broken on the side of the track.

The track felt super slippery and with the thoughts of the crash at V2R fresh in my head. I backed off and took it slower than I probably should have. Trying to find my groove so we could move faster was difficult with the twisting mountain terrain. We began to get passed by the fast NA cars. I tried to pick up the pace, some but the car was sliding around all over the track. We blew a couple of corners almost getting stuck. We made it to pit 1 and pulled in just for a quick look over. The crew said we were good and we headed back out. This would be the first race that we didn’t have to pit. Not even once! That was a good feeling. So, since the crew didn’t have to work this round, they made BBQ!

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We kept on continually trying to find my groove and speed up our pace, but I began to get motion sick. I pulled off and let it go. Back on track we kept pushing. I just wanted to finish this race! We passed pit 2 waving to the crew as we went. More twisting mountain roads. More cars passed and I knew that we were rapidly falling off pace. I picked up speed when I felt comfortable, in the deep washes and tried to hold onto our position. We soon passed pit 3 and headed to the finish. Once again, I pulled over to vomit and a couple of cars passed. Dang! I lost a few more spots. But we pushed on and finished! We were all so happy with a finish and a no pit stops! The Polaris RZR Turbo ran flawlessly this time! We started 40th and finished 20th. Not too bad for being sick and not being able to get in my groove.

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Barb was a great co-driver and we had a good time in the car! Thank you all of my sponsors, followers, fans, family and friends. We couldn’t be more thankful for all you!



2017 Vegas to Reno The Long Way

The Rockstar Racing team arrived at tech and contingency late Thursday afternoon. It was hot and sticky but the Polaris RZR Turbo 1000 looked amazing sparkling in the afternoon sun. Lots of photos were taken and an interview with Shock Therapy added to the fun! Tech went smoothly and we headed to the driver’s meeting. Changes were noted and we then headed out to the start line for the night. Out at the start line, crew jobs were assigned, cameras loaded, tires checked, fluids checked and all the other little things taken care of. The crew enjoyed a bbq dinner courtesy of our camp chef Joe Weber and we went to bed dreaming of a podium finish.

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Morning arrived with the sound of dirt bikes and quads lining up for the race. The UTV’s did not have to stage for a few hours yet so we stayed in bed contemplating our race day. By 7am all the crew had arrived and we began to go over all the race day plans and jobs were assigned. The car was given a last once over and we headed to staging.

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Waiting anxiously for the green flag, we checked out the competition. There was a lot of competition!

The green flag finally dropped and we were off! The car felt great and we flew up the wash! Then it happened, overheating and limp mode. We pulled over inching along to let the motor cool down and radioed into the crew so they would be prepared to check it out at pit 1. The motor cooled and were off yet again. There were other cars already off the track broken and with flats. We passed a few cars on track and overheated yet again. We noticed that it was happening when we were going up a grade or in deep silt otherwise, it was running strong.

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The crew bled the cooling system and we were off again with high hopes! Those hopes were soon dashed as we once again headed up hill and began to over heat. We ran fast when we could and limped when we couldn’t through deep silt, rocks and ruts to pit 2.

This time the crew decided to move the inner cooler and the rock screen covering the radiator. We took the chance of a rock hitting it over the overheating issue we were having. Travis Pastrana and the Star Car were having similar issues and were pitted right in front of us. Our team mate Mark Queen also helps tune the Star Car and was trying to assist them also. Travis waved and brought me a Power aid. Great sportsmanship from that team! Trevor said he was talking with Travis while waiting for us and he said that one of the times we passed him he was like “dang, I just got passed by a girl!”  Not the first time we have heard that! The crew finished up and we off to try to make up some time!

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We knew we had to make up a lot of time to get a good finish but we also knew there was a lot of race left and the course was proving to be brutal! We pushed hard, a little too hard probably. I went into a corner too hot and rolled the car over on its side. We hit really hard. Both of us already thinking about how we were going to get the car back over when all of sudden the car righted itself and we were back on all 4’s! Car felt tight so we hopped back in the throttle and took off! Mike said his arm was hurting and we had bent our window net so we radioed in to let the crew know what had happened and I asked for Mark to suit up so Mike could get out. When we arrived at pit 3 the crew decided to take us both out and Mark and Emily climbed in. We wished them luck and sent them out try and salvage our race.

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The car seemed to run fine. They came into the pits for fuel and and a shock adjustment and back out. At mile 300 Mark asked the crew to check the speed sensor because something wasn’t right. When they did, they found it covered in metal. Time to change the transmission. The crew jumped on it including our friends from 3P Performance. In the mean time David Martinez rolled in having an issue also. So while the crew changed the tranny, Mark went to work and helped them get back out on the track. They changed it out and we sent Mark and Mike back out to get us a finish.

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Everything seemed to be working well, until it wasn’t…. The clutching backing plate came loose and they had all the tools they needed except a clutch puller. They radioed in and Chase 1 went back to pit 10 to see if there was anyone that could take the tool out to our team. As luck would have it, George Felix happened by and was able to give the boys a few parts and Dustin Hoffman’s team in a Jeep Speed was able to take the clutch tool to them. After what seemed like hours, they were back on the track. They began to have electrical problems and we waited anxiously to hear that they were up and running again. We heard from another team that our car was at mile 427 and not moving at 0430 am. By 0630 we still were not able to reach them. Rugged Relay took the initiative to jump in and stay with us through the night, trying to get up dates for us. But when the car was off the team was not hearing them. We finally found out that they were not able to continue and the chase team headed out to get them 2 hours away! We found them safe and sound at pit 12 sleeping in the race car.

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Definitely not the way we like to have our race day end, but “that’s racing” as they say. Because we were so far behind, we had the opportunity to help a few other racer along the way. I gave a belt to a team that found out after the fact that no one had put their belt bag in the car, Mark pulled a stuck truck out and pulled over a rolled car. Mark was able to help David Martinez and the Star Car get running again. Makes me happy to be able to help our race families. Thank you to our very generous sponsors for making racing happen!

Condolences go out to the family of the dirt bike racer that lost his life during the race.

Speedy recovery to the quad racer that was hit by another vehicle.

We will see you all in the desert!

Vegas to Reno 2017 Pre Game

We come back to race season with high hopes, a new sponsor and wishes of cooler weather! The Rockstar Racing shop has been extremely busy keeping Eric and Trevor from doing as much as they had hoped to ready our Polaris RZR Turbo for the longest off road race in America. Testing began late last week and of course, we encountered a few set backs. We found the front shocks were coil binding and began to brain storm as what would be the fastest way to get them corrected. Our friends at BATZ Wharehouse were headed to Phoenix and graciously agreed to take our front shocks to Shock Therapy where they would get some much needed love by Justin. As we wait for them to return, Eric is wiring our Spod with a few extra lights as we will be doing some late night racing. With the added power of our new sponsor Odyssey Battery and our newly acquired alternator, we are more than prepared for night time! We head to Vegas early Thursday morning with a freshly wrapped Chase 1 to meet the rest of our crew for tech and contingency.  Race day is Friday! Hope to see you all our there and if you can’t be there you can track us live at https://racingtrax.com/! Thanks for all your support!

2017 UTV World Championship Race Report


After our battle with new car blues at the Mint 400, the team spent many hours trying to diagnose and treat the issue with our 2017 Polaris RZR Turbo 1000. Believing we had it figured out, we decided to add a 2nd car and driver to the team for the 2017 BITD UTV World Championship. We chose Mark Queen of Queen Racing to be the driver of 2015 Polariz RZR 1000 na car. All that being said, the crew had a ton of work to do getting 2 cars race ready.
We arrived in Laughlin, NV just in time to participate in the Pit Crew Challenge. My girl Miss DragonFire, my co-driver, Mike Colosimo, my crew chief and husband, Eric Beurrier and my son, Trevor Beurrier would be putting it on the line for the chance to win some pretty cool prizes! We took the 2 seat na car to the challenge and began to formulate a strategy. Trevor would be in the car, brakes on. Eric would man the air gun, Miss DragonFire would be running tires around and Mike would be manning the Pro Eagle Jack. I don’t remember how many rounds we did, but my crew was blistering fast. We lost the win by mere 10ths of a second.  Voices hoarse from screaming and laughing we went back to the pits to put the finishing touches on our 2 race cars.

Mark Queen would also be racing his 2016 Polariz RZR 1000 Turbo in the short course race so while he was busy preparing that car, my crew went to work with last minute axle swaps, camera placing, tool bag stuffing and spit shining the 2 desert cars.
Friday morning came and Mark Queen and I took the opportunity of the Poker Run to pre run the track. We hopped in his Polaris RZR XPT and went to check it out. The course was pretty much the same as last year so we were ready. We handed the car off to our co-drivers, Mike and Emily. Mike used this time to help Emily learn her co-driving duties. We were pretty set for race day in the morning!
Off to tech and contingency we went. I was invited to hang out at the Raceline Wheels booth and sign the rad posters they had made for me and our 2 seat car was on display at the AZ West booth. Had a great time with the Raceline Wheels crew! Time to get the cars back to the pits.

Race cars ready, crew ready, we settled down to a great BBQ prepared by our very own camp chef, Joe Weber. With dreams of victory in my head, sleep came quickly. Tomorrow was a big day!
morning of the race
Race day! We lined up in the second row and Mark way back in the na class. Race day jitters were getting the best of me as we sat in our row waiting for the green flag.


This race is not only a land rush start 18 cars wide, it’s also a dead engine start. Making it even more nerve racking! As luck would have it, the car didn’t start with the first crank so we started off in the middle of our row. We passed 4 cars right away and then several more as headed out to the desert. Car felt great and fast! We were pulling away from our group and catching up to the leaders when the car suddenly went into limp mode! Checking all the gauges, nothing seemed amiss. Then the car came back to life. We continued on passing cars and then limp mode again! Several times before we hit the hot pits. We heard our engine builder and driver of our na car, advise the crew chief to swap out the ECU. Just before we went down pit row we heard a strange noise coming from the back of the car after a quick inspection, the crew found the rear motor mount broken. Of all the spare parts we have, that was not one of them. We sent Trevor to the SMG pit to see if they had one we could use. They graciously gave us one and with that in place and the ECU swapped, we headed back out to try to catch up to the lead pack. It seemed that the limp mode problem had been solved and a as we headed to to the RZR jump in the infield, I floored it. Hoping for a sweet photo op! Well, we got one. We sailed that jump! Mike, the Princess co-dawg, joked he had time for a snack before we hit dirt!


We landed nice and soft and then clunk! I pulled off the track. Mike jumped out and found we had snapped a shock shaft. BITD officials towed us to the hot pits and my crew made short work of swapping out a shock, rear trailing arm and sway bar link on the passenger side. We headed back out wanting to make sure we as least could salvage a finish.  We tore around the track a few more times and the car began to lose voltage and the motor was getting hot. Back to the hot pits we exchanged the voltage regulator and went back out. The problem continued. Low voltage, hot motor and limp mode. We exchanged the voltage regulator one more time and headed back out to hopefully get our finish. In the Fox proving grounds, the front of the car fell. Mike jumped out yet again and found a lower shock bolt missing. The whoops in the section were huge and even though my car was having issues, I didn’t let up and it was too much for that bolt! We jacked the car up and Mike made quick work getting a bolt in there and tire back on. We were missing a spring, so the car was leaning a little to the passenger side! We had just 20 minutes to make it to the finish! We limped, trying to make sure we didn’t lose another bolt. For the first time that day, we passed by the pits! We got the checkered flag! I have never been so happy to see it!


As my car struggled all day, Mark, in the DragonFire Racing NA car was having a few struggles also. He broke a clutch and a several axles. Between the 2 cars, we kept our pit crew hopping like the Easter Bunny! Though neither of us got the results we were hoping for, we had a great time! Mark finished just outside the top 10 in NA and I finished. It was a long exhausting day. I treated my crew to prime rib and we all went to watch the winners receive their awards. Congratulations to my fellow Polaris RZR races on great finishes! Congratulations to Blake Level on winning the perseverance award. My family wishes you the very best and hope you feel better soon!

Thanks to  Eric Minks, Rugged Radio and UTV Underground for the rad photos and a great event! Thanks to all our sponsors! We will get this beautiful car on the podium! See you all next time!