First of all we had an absolute blast! The track was fast and had some rough areas. We started off in the back and had to pass a bunch of trucks and were chasing down the 1st place side side. We got behind a truck that refused to get out of the way and we had to get moving to catch that 1st place car. So, I saw in my periphery, a wash to to the left of the actual track. We jumped down a 5 foot embankment into the wash and put it to the floor. We passed her and popped out back on the track laughing because she never even saw us! She was probably wondering where the heck we came from! On the 5 th lap we broke a rear axle and while we were in the pits they found a broken motor mount. They band aided it the best they could and sent us back out. They said we needed to take it easy in the big bumps. That slowed us down considerably. We finished just behind who we thought was first place. We then learned that they gave first place to a girl we passed in the first lap and never saw again. Giving us 2 nd. Kind of a bummer but we had so much fun, we didn’t care. Emily was awesome as a co driver and will definitely be in the car with me again soon! Maybe at the Mint 400???

Thank you to our friends and family that came out to support us! Special thanks to Rachael Dobrzenski, Joshua Martelli and Brad Arts for the photos and videos. Always, thank you to our sponsors that make sure we not only look good, we kill it on the track!

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