After the mishaps at Vegas to Reno, we decided the team needed a moral booster. We decided to rewap the car for a brand new look hoping to boost everyone’s spirits. We contacted Corbin Wells of Union Graphic Co. and had him get to work. Thanks to AO Coolers for helping us to make it happen.  Corbin did a fantastic job and all of our spirits were renewed!

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This year’s LDC was a night race for the UTVs, so we made sure all our Baja Designs lights were wired up and ready to rock! We made it tech in time to have AIM Sports dial in our race dash and visit with our race family.

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Drivers meeting was up next. I stayed for that and the boys headed back to main pit with race car to do their last minute magic. The NA class raced first so I was able to help in the pits for our friends at 3p Off Road. They had a few issues and the pits were super busy. About an hour before our race, it started to rain. I kept my fingers crossed for it to end. I hate racing in the rain. It stopped and Travis and I headed to the start line. It was 10PM, way past my bed time! I actually fell asleep in the car waiting for the start!

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We finally got the green light! We took off 3 wide and I was lined up with 2 CanAms. They are super fast off the line, but I caught them quickly and was on the siren at the first corner heading back out to the desert and then….. no boost from the turbo. We radioed in to the let crew know that we would be paying them a visit after the first lap. We went around the track about 40 to 45 MPH getting passed by everyone! We pulled into the pits and they went to working checking all the vacuum lines and changing sensors.

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We took off, thinking all was well and about 2 corners in, same thing no boost. The crew told us that it wasn’t hurting anything and if we wanted to finish the race to get out there and get it done! And so we did. Travis and I had a great time in the car just chatting and checking out all the carnage on the track. I almost peed myself laughing at the sharp stutter whoops in the infield. They were so ridiculous! We felt like bobble head dolls!

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The car looked amazing even though we couldn’t really race her! We had been counting laps and thought that we were finally finished at about 2AM, but when we approached the finish line, they sent us out for another lap. They said we had only gone 7. Not wanting to lose any more spots, we sucked it up and went another lap. We were out there pretty much all by our selves. When we finally did cross the finish line and got the checkered flag, the course workers were jumping up and down and clapping of us! Or because they knew they were finally done!

We ended up 25th out of the 44 Turbo UTVs that started. Not too bad for not having a turbo! Thank you to all of that help us and to all of you that follow along. Next up for us is the Pahump 250 in December. See ya all then!


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