After returning home from the Mint 400, we had only 3 weeks to prepare for the World Championship. Not only were we prepping the 924 Pro Turbo car, but we were building a car from the ground up for Trevor to race in the Production 1000 class . Crew chief Eric’s duties were being spread thin. Even with the help of Trevor and his co driver Travis, it seemed as though this may never happen. The boys would be racing under the Young Guns program of George Felix and Felix Racing. The car came as a rolling chassis that had been top halved a few months before but not finished. There was wiring, plumbing and aluminum work to be done as well as finding a motor to drop in.

While work on the Young Guns car continued, we asked Just Money Motorsports owner, John Caudle, for help in prepping the 924 Pro Turbo car. There aren’t many guys as meticulous as Eric when it comes to the race car, but John is definitely one of them. The plan was for us to be in Laughlin, NV but Thursday night, but we ran into a snag on Thursday morning. The trailing arms we had for the car were too far out of adjustment. A quick call to Lone Star Racing and a new set of arms were to be delivered to Laughlin on Friday. We can’t thank Lone Star Racing enough taking such good care of us and making sure we were covered! With that taken care of, the 924 car was buttoned up and loaded onto the trailer. Trevor and I would head to Laughlin on Friday morning to sign up and tech the Pro Turbo car.

Trevor and I signed up and put the 924 Pro Turbo car into the Pro Eagle booth for the day. Trevor and his co driver, Travis, headed back to Havasu to finish working on their car hoping to be back that afternoon. Miss Dragonfire, the boys from Texas and I had a great day at contengency showing off the car and swaping race sotries with all our race family. We teched the car and headed back to the camping area. The Texas boys were going to swap out my trailing arms so that Eric wouldn’t have to deal with that when he arrived. As we worked, we found that both the rear axles had pulled out. As we were assessing our situation there, Eric called with a desparate cry for help back in Havasu with the Young Guns car. We all jumped in the trucks and headed back to Havasu at 8pm.

We arrived and found the boys exhausted and with a list of items that needed to be completed. Everyone picked something off the list and we finished the car at approximately midnight. I called the tech director to ensure that he would be able to tech Trevor’s car in the AM before the race began. He assured me that we were all good there. The Texas boys headed back to Laughlin for a little rest and Eric, Trevor and I headed to bed and would head to Laughlin in the morning.We stopped about half way and unloaded the car so Trevor could give it a short shake down. He ripped around for about 10 min and all seemed well so off we went to find the tech guy. We found them still in the parking lot where contingency had been the day before. Our friends Nic and Marcy were gracious enough to put their breakfast on hold and take care of teching the car. It went smoothly and headed to the track with about an hour to spare before Trevor would stage for his race.

The boys loaded up with tools and headed to staging while Eric and his crew loaded the chase truck up and headed to the hot pits. Anthony and I stayed back to make sure the 924 car was ready for the race. We buttoned it up and headed over to the track to catch Trevor’s race. He came around the first lap all good but on the 2nd lap he didn’t come around. We heard from the crew chief that he had been hit hard by another driver and had a broken axle. They repaied the axle and sent him back out. We then heard that he broke another axle! Repairs were made again, but in the end Trevor was only able to complete 3 laps. We were all very dissapointed. On a happier note, crew chief and dad, Eric, jumped in for his last lap! While Young Guns car was finishing up, Anthony and I headed to staging for the Pro Turbo race.

We took off from the 4th row ready for a hole shot, but… the car was sluggish. We headed out into the desert and the car went into limp mode. “Not again!” I yelled. We turned the car off and back on and had power but it was short lived. All the temps and other numbers looked good. I asked Anthony to switch to the back up ECU. We were off again and seemed to have solved that problem. The car was still not its usual peppy self so we pulled into the pits on the first lap. The crew found a driver front brake caliper was stuck closed. The repairs were made and we headed back out. This lap there was something making an odd noise in the drive train. We pulled into the pits again and they found a broken rear axle. We headed back out determined to make up some time and get all our laps.

On the 4th lap we were flying and came up over a rise. As I crested the rise I spotted a car sitting at the bottom. “Crap!” I tried to manuver around the car and hit her back tire with my back tire. unbeknownst to her, it crumpled her trailing arm. She then tried to take off and ended up rolling the car on its passenger side. It was a slow roll but she wasn’t getting out. We couldn’t leave her there if something was wrong, so we jumped out and helped the driver of the 972 get out of the car. In the process, we blew a belt. Anthony repaired our car and we then took her strap and pulled her car back on 4 wheels so she could get off the track. We lost 2 laps during this process.

Back on track we blazed around the track trying to make up time. The checkered flag came out on our 6th lap. We were happy to be off the extremely rough course but bummed we were not able to get all 9 laps. But, we finished! This race has been a nemisis for us and we will be back next year to try to redeem ourselves!

All in all, we had some fun and are super proud of the Young Guns for all their hard work and determination. They will be back in October for another chance a t vicotry!

Thank you to my crew, John from Just Money Motorsports and the Texas crew for all your hard work. Thank you to ProDriven for the awesome video. Thank you to UTVUnderground for all the coverage of us during the race. The coverage of the pit stop was awesome! Last but not least, thank you to all my sponsors that believe in us and keep us fighting. See you all in Baja for the 50th anniversary Baja 500!

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