Having had a few small issues at the Parker 250, we were pumped to show everyone we were ready to take on our favorite race of the year! We waited until the last minute to tune the car as usual, and ended up tuning way into the night on Wednesday. Missing the parade and afraid we may miss tech on Thursday! Mark Queen of Queen Racing took great care and a lot of time for us and got us where we needed to be. We ended up getting to Vegas on Thursday about 3pm. With the help of the 3P Offroad boys, Trevor had the car in line for tech as soon as we arrived. 

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Eric and I hit registration and headed down Fremont St to catch up with Trevor and the car. As we went we ran into all our race friends and many of our sponsors. We also picked up our very own Miss DragonFire, Emily Dobrzenski. We kept walking trying to catch up to Trevor, but never quite got there. Before we knew it, it was 6pm and Miss DragonFire and I had a date with Rugged Radios for the meet and greet with our fans. Eric kept on moving and was able to get to the car just as it was being teched.

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Emily and I moved from the meet and greet to Polaris RZR Party and had a great time with all our fellow Polaris RZR racers!

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Meanwhile the boys put the race car away and set up camp at the RV park. We met up with them in time for dinner and headed off to bed. Tomorrow was a free day for us. Last minute checks with the car and we headed out to the start line of the race to set up camp there.

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Before we knew it, it was time to rest. Race day was coming fast! We woke up Bright and early on Saturday morning. Race day jitters were getting the best of me as cameras were loaded and Anthony and I climbed in the car. The rest of the crew headed out to Pits A&B and Trevor and John followed us to the start line. As luck would have it, the transmission selector switch came off and wouldn’t allow us to shift into high gear. Of course it happens as we were moving to the start line. Trevor and John ran over and believed they had it. But, as the green light came on, I knew they did not. Not only did I not get the hole shot I was hoping for, we couldn’t get over 45MPH. We wound around the short course section until we found a good place to pull off. Anthony jumped out and made quick work of getting back together. We only lost 2 spots and roared off into the desert.



We soon discovered that our shocks were way too soft and we were dragging the rear of the car. Trying my best not to do damage to the car and still keep a decent pace, we radioed in to let them know our situation. We made it to Pit A and Joe and his crew tried to make some adjustments to our shocks. We continued on to Pit B and stopped for a quick look over. Off we went to the Main pit, hoping Eric could do something with the shocks. To our surprise, our shock tuner Justin, just happened to be in the pit next to us and came over to help! I was ecstatic to see him! He made some big adjustments, the crew changed a flat that I didn’t know I had, and we went back out ready to make up some time! The shocks were amazingly better and we made up some serious time!


The Fox proving grounds had nothing on us! As we rounded the corner into Pit A I started to hear a clunking noise, so we pulled in to have them take a look. Turns out the passenger tie rod was broken in half. How we made it to the Pit is a miracle! Mike, Travis and Zack made quick work of the change out and we were off yet again.

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The car was working flawlessly. We were passing cars and saw a tremendous amount of carnage as we flew by. We saw 90.5MPH on the dry lake bed. This Polaris RZR was nothing short of flying across the desert!


Still trying to make up some time on the last lap and trying to get through Pit B before the Trick Trucks came was making us anxious. Just as we left Pit A the crew radioed in and told us they had just been released. We were trying to calculate how much time we had to make it to Pit B and then they stopped us at a road crossing. We were being detoured to Pit B and then heading into main. Cutting approximately 50 miles off the race course. Relieved that we didn’t have deal with Trick Trucks, but wondering how that would affect our outcome. We crossed the finish line with big smiles on our faces. I knew I had driven harder than I had in a long time. The crew did a fantastic job of keeping us in the hunt and though they scored our race as over when they sent us through the detour, we know in our hearts we did good! The race car is solid, and I think I may have my confidence back! See you all at the World Championship! Thanks to all our great sponsors that make great finishes happen!

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