The 2018 BITD season came quick. We did our best to prepare for the first race of the season but with the end of the 2017 season and the beginning of the 2018 season so close getting our sponsor deals closed and parts ordered was a challenge. We also took on the challenge of not just racing our Polaris RZR Turbo, we were going to be racing 3 cars! Our son, Trevor was asked by Batz Warehouse to build and race a Polaris XP1K, our friends from 3P Offroad rented our 2 seater and asked us to prep it and of course we had our own turbo RZR to prepare. It was challenge, but we were up for it!  Luckily Trevor is more than capable of prepping his own car. Thanks to Batz Warehouse and our good friend Devin for the car to race. Trevor and his co driver Trevor prepped their own car and the car being rented to 3P Off road while Eric took down my car and began to make the minor repairs that come after a complete season of racing. Repairs made, new suspension components, new steering rack, new front diff and new transmission were put on the car. We buttoned her up a few days before the boys arrived from Texas. 3P Off road arrived and the final touches to all the cars was done. We headed to Parker Friday morning all excited for a new season! Tech went well chatting with our fellow racers and sponsors. The crew headed over to main pit while the drivers of the 3 RZRs headed to the driver’s meeting. Dinner was provided by Joe and co driver Trevor’s Dad. Stories of past Parker 250 races were told over the camp fire. It was time to rest. Tomorrow was a big day! We didn’t start the race until 1pm, so it gave me a lot of time to walk around the car feeling very nervous. Not having a stellar season last year, we felt pressure to really perform at this race. At the start line my nerves really kicked in. My new co driver Anthony was feeling my anxiety! When the green flag dropped, my clutch slipped.  I felt the car sluggishly start moving. Dang it! I stayed in it trying to catch the car in front of me but it didn’t happen. We flew off the start line jump and the car landed perfectly! Off we went into the blinding dust.  We carried on through the wash, over the canal road and into midway pit. We pulled in to see if the crew could see anything wrong with the clutch or could they change the belt. It was elected not to change the belt and off we went. Bad decision by all of us. The clutch continued to slip if I stabbed the gas so I had to ease into the pedal to get the car going. Needless to say our 1st lap was not as fast as should have been.  We radioed ahead so main pit could look at the clutch. They had a new one ready for us. We barely made it in through the deep sand of the python without losing the belt, but we did it. Not only did we need a new primary clutch, we needed a rear axle and a driver front tire. The crew made quick work of it and we were off once again trying to make up some time. 2nd lap we started to feel a lot of body roll in the car. We pulled into midway pit to have them tighten the arms and low and behold, there was Trevor and Trevor sitting there with their car pulled off the track! Such a bummer. They had broken their clutch and were waiting for parts to be brought out to them. Lucky for me my Trevor knew just what needed to be done with the sway bar and we were off once again. Hoping the young boys would be off again soon, we headed for the rock garden. The car performed flawlessly the rest of the 2nd lap. We stopped in main pit for a splash of fuel and headed out on our last lap hoping to make up some more time for a better overall finish. Just about the time we his the wash, the wind died down…. It was like being in Baja with the fog at night. We couldn’t see anything! We carried on but were not able to make up much time. We were so happy to see the finish line! The last lap the track was super beat up and the stutter bumps were outrageous! Not at all the finish we were looking for, but a finish is still a great accomplishment. We couldn’t be more proud of our crew or happier with our Polaris RZR.  3P Off road finished not too long behind us and we waited anxiously to hear about our sons. Last they were tracked, they were about 50 miles out and still moving. Knowing Trevor doesn’t like to drive at night or in the dust, I was worried about him. We shared race stories with all our fellow racers keeping an anxious eye on the finish line for the boys. Finally they came! They finished their first ever desert race! They were happy and I was ecstatic! All three of the Rockstar Racing built and prepped cars finished! It was a good day of racing! Thank you to all of you that support us. We couldn’t do it with out your help!

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Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

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