It’s the end of the 2017 desert racing season. This year was full of trials and tribulations for us. It began with a new turbo platform. We were so fast with our NA car winning a championship and then following that up with a 2nd in points. No one beat us off the line in that car! So, we were super excited to be even faster in the new turbo RZR. The build process was easy for the boys and it made it’s debut at the Mint 400. We began having problems on the 2nd lap and ended up with a DNF. Our first in 2 seasons of racing. It was heart breaking, but this team does not give up. Thinking we had it figured out we went to the UTV World Championship with high hopes. Those hopes were soon to be dashed. As soon as I passed Robby Gordon in the Speed Artic Cat, it went into limp mode. And, continued to do so the entire race. I did get a spectacular jump photo on the 1st lap! We finished but we finished with broken hearts yet again. With 3 months to figure it out, we were sure we had it! We went to V2R thinking, this is the one! Shortly after the start, limp mode….. The boys spent a couple hours making repairs and that seemed to fix the limp mode problem. While I was sitting in the pits, I received an ice cold gatoraid from Travis Pastrana, who was having similar problems with the Starcar. Trevor and Travis had a conversation about him being passed by a girl! We put our relief driver, Mark Queen in the car with hopes of making up some time, but the race gods had other plans for us. About midnight and approximately race mile 300, the crew replaced the transmission. We carried on, just wanting a finish at this point. But, it was not meant to be. We found our car at race mile 450 with bad injectors and timed out. Another heart breaking DNF for us. We headed home with our heads hung down. The car came apart and the injectors sent off to be analysed. We were going to have to dig deeper to find what the root of our problems were. Our plans were to skip the next 2 BITD races, since there were no longer hopes of a championship, and save our funds to race the 50th Anniversary Baja 1000.  A friend of ours asked if they paid the entry fee, would we race the Silver State race in September. It was a short 150 mile race and we decided it would be a good shake down, so, off we went to northern Nevada. The first race of the season, I had my first ever motion sickness in the race car. There after I took medicine for it every race. This was a short one, so I thought I wouldn’t need it. Well, I was wrong. For the first time this season, the car ran flawlessly. I, however, forgot about the winding mountain roads of Silver State! I once again became motion sick. Pulling over several times to vomit. But, Barb and I had a great time in the car with no pressure of points and such, and we finally finished a race with no issues! Next came planning for the big one! We had raced Baja with other teams, but this would be the first time with our own car and team. We were more than excited. We teamed up with 3p Off Road and with the help of our generous sponsors and our team chipping in, we managed to put together a great plan. We headed to Baja the Tuesday before the race to a beautiful beach house. Everyone settled in we were confident that with this team and our preparation we would finish this 1134 mile race and maybe finish well. Wednesday was tech day for us. We hung out with Raceline Wheels and had a great time with the team. Race day came and we headed off for the longest race ever for our car. We started off taking it easy finding our groove. At about mile 40 I came into a soft corner too hot and rolled the car over on it’s side. Luckily there were spectators near by that graciously came over and helped us up right the car. Everything was ok and we were off again. Our friends from 3p Off Road and Trevor met us at the many road crossings along the way to race mile 250 which would be our first pit. They made the first 250 miles go by super fast! We lost the alternator sometime during that first 250 miles, so at that first pit, the boys  removed it and replaced it with stock stater cover. From there on we had to play the number game with our fans, lights and fresh air blower. Turn this on, turn that one off and so on… The San Felipe whoops section were no joke. At one point we stopped at friends pit and asked for a once over. They assured us that the car was not breaking in half and we headed on into the next pit at race mile 350 where we handed the car over to the crew chief, Eric. He raced into the dark and would remain in the car until day break. No problems for him except for fog, silt and darkness! We pitted him at race mile 608 and found the front of the car needing to be rebuilt. It took us several hours to replace all the components on the front of the car and we sent the boys from 3p Off Road out into the desert. We made a couple other driver and co driver changes and few more front end part replacements but we made it 1134 miles, 43 hours and 18 minutes! Those finisher medals will forever be a winner medal to us! We finished up the season in Pahrump, Nevada. Wanting to give it all or nothing for the last race of the season, I set my mind on driving hard and fast! Well, Pahrump had other plans. The dust was terrible, the silt was deep and rocks everywhere! My pace slowed, my co driver was ill and I broke a radius rod end that ended our season with DNF 30 miles from the finish line!  Through all the trials and tribulations of the race season, we still had fun. We made new friends. We learned a lot. We couldn’t be happier with our Polariz RZR XPT. It definitely took a beating and just kept on going. We can’t thank all of sponsors enough for their generosity. A new season starts just days away!

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