As the September Best in the Desert race approached, the team debated whether or not we were going to make it. The repairs from our crash at Vegas 2 Reno had still not been made and that race being our 2nd DNF for the season left everyone a little dejected. 

2 weeks before the race, our friends at Batz Warehouse made us a proposal. They wanted to pay half the entry fee if we would put Barb in the car as co-driver. We agreed and work began on the 924 Polaris RZR.

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The repairs were made and thanks to BP Concepts, a new wrap was completed on the passenger side in record time! We were ready physically, but mentally we still had some doubts.

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Tech day came and we hit the road to Caliente, NV! The car and chase truck were on point! We arrived to sunny but cool weather. It was quite a change from the heat of Havasu. Tech went smoothly and thanks to our friends the Mitchells we set up camp in nice RV park in the grass. Last minute touches were done to the car and bundled up and headed to the driver’s meeting.

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The drivers meeting over we gassed up the chase truck and the race car and settled down for the night. We woke to freezing temperatures but a bright sunny day.

Barb and I climbed in and prepared for a chilly ride!


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They lined us up 4 at time and, because we did not preregister, we started in the very last row. My anxiety was climbing as row x row our fellow UTV racers sped off. It was finally our turn and with a dead engine start, my hands were shaking. The green flag dropped and we fired up the 924 and roared off. Not wanting to get taken out in the first corner we let a couple of the guys go and squeezed in as the 3rd car in our row led by Jake Carver. We would eventually see Jake broken on the side of the track.

The track felt super slippery and with the thoughts of the crash at V2R fresh in my head. I backed off and took it slower than I probably should have. Trying to find my groove so we could move faster was difficult with the twisting mountain terrain. We began to get passed by the fast NA cars. I tried to pick up the pace, some but the car was sliding around all over the track. We blew a couple of corners almost getting stuck. We made it to pit 1 and pulled in just for a quick look over. The crew said we were good and we headed back out. This would be the first race that we didn’t have to pit. Not even once! That was a good feeling. So, since the crew didn’t have to work this round, they made BBQ!

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We kept on continually trying to find my groove and speed up our pace, but I began to get motion sick. I pulled off and let it go. Back on track we kept pushing. I just wanted to finish this race! We passed pit 2 waving to the crew as we went. More twisting mountain roads. More cars passed and I knew that we were rapidly falling off pace. I picked up speed when I felt comfortable, in the deep washes and tried to hold onto our position. We soon passed pit 3 and headed to the finish. Once again, I pulled over to vomit and a couple of cars passed. Dang! I lost a few more spots. But we pushed on and finished! We were all so happy with a finish and a no pit stops! The Polaris RZR Turbo ran flawlessly this time! We started 40th and finished 20th. Not too bad for being sick and not being able to get in my groove.

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Barb was a great co-driver and we had a good time in the car! Thank you all of my sponsors, followers, fans, family and friends. We couldn’t be more thankful for all you!



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