We come back to race season with high hopes, a new sponsor and wishes of cooler weather! The Rockstar Racing shop has been extremely busy keeping Eric and Trevor from doing as much as they had hoped to ready our Polaris RZR Turbo for the longest off road race in America. Testing began late last week and of course, we encountered a few set backs. We found the front shocks were coil binding and began to brain storm as what would be the fastest way to get them corrected. Our friends at BATZ Wharehouse were headed to Phoenix and graciously agreed to take our front shocks to Shock Therapy where they would get some much needed love by Justin. As we wait for them to return, Eric is wiring our Spod with a few extra lights as we will be doing some late night racing. With the added power of our new sponsor Odyssey Battery and our newly acquired alternator, we are more than prepared for night time! We head to Vegas early Thursday morning with a freshly wrapped Chase 1 to meet the rest of our crew for tech and contingency.  Race day is Friday! Hope to see you all our there and if you can’t be there you can track us live at https://racingtrax.com/! Thanks for all your support!

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